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Pure and unrefined, Triple Whipped Shea Body Butter is just what your dry, parched skin and hair need.
It does more than a lotion by penetrating deep into the layers of your skin to nourish, smooth and protect.
Each batch is cold-pressed to maintain maximum nutrients that absorb into the skin to help protect, nourish, smooth and revitalize skin and hair.
It’s power-packed with 14 nutrient-rich butters and oils. It’s so nourishing, a little goes a long way.
Our main ingredient, unrefined Shea Butter from Africa, is vitamin-packed:
Vitamin A--known for reducing acne, & boosting collagen levels, while hydrating and protecting your skin from premature aging. Vitamin E--for helping your skin stay balanced and clear.
Vitamin K--accelerates the skin's healing process, and aids in the removal of stretch marks and spider veins.
Vitamin F--known for its revitalizing properties
The texture of the Body Butter is so satisfying: light, airy and creamy. It feels so luxurious on your skin!
The Triple Whipped Shea Body Butter comes in 3 varieties: scented, unscented, and shimmer with scent. (As always, our products are only scented with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.)

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