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Sweet Relief Soaking Salts Salt Sōk Your Way
Sweet Relief Soaking Salts Salt Sōk Your Way

Sweet Relief Soaking Salts

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Epsom Salt is loved worldwide for its remarkable health and wellness properties.  That's why we've added it to every one of our Soaking Salt blends. Not only is it a vital mineral needed for a healthy functioning body, it also softens and smoothes skin, detoxifies, and relaxes!  No wonder you feel so much better after an Epsom Salt bath!

Epsom Salt works wonders on its own, but we knew they could be even better with essential oils.  So, we created 3 blends of Soaking Salts that have handpicked and researched ingredients and essential oils to suit the need of each blend perfectly.

Each blend comes in a beautiful, 9 oz. reusable glass jar.

Use four generous scoops per bath.  Add in while the water is still running to give the salts time to infuse into your bath. Give the water a stir and enjoy! Four to six uses per jar.

Keep out of reach of children.  Not intended for use on children.    

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