SōK FAQs – Sōk Body Wellness


What is a Bath Drop? 
The best way to describe it is like a Bath Bomb, but better.
How big are the Bath Drops?
They are about two inches in diameter and four inches from base to tip.  Please note that the measurements are approximate and the Bath Drop you receive could be a few tenths of an inch different.  
What makes SōK different from other 'natural' bath products?
Simply put: everything.  We craft on a small scale and almost all orders are made fresh at the time an order is placed.  We use only the highest quality ingredients, organic where possible and ethically sourced.  Every product has 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, not fragrance or oils that have been diluted to be sold at a cheaper price.  We want our customers to have an amazing SōK experience and that requires using only the best ingredients. 
Why does each label say, 'best if used within 60 days of purchase'?
Our products really are all-natural.  We don't use any chemical preservatives or fillers to make our products last longer than nature designed them to.  Because of that, we have given each Bath Drop and Shower Drop the 60 day shelf life.  It is definitely possible for it to last longer than 60 days--it may just have a diminished scent, therapeutic benefits, or not fizz as much.  
What if the Essential Oil or Enhancer I want to add to my SōK Your Way Bath Drop is not listed?
Please let us know! We would love to be able to offer what our customers want.  You can use the Contact Us form, call us at 1.800.SOK.7642, or email us info@sokyourway.com.
Do you do bulk order or special event order discounts?
We do.  If you are wanting to order 20 or more products for an event, you may qualify.  To get a quote on pricing please contact us directly at bulk@sokyourway.com.