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Hand Drop Refill

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Never run out of your Hand Drops again.  Get this refill size of all of your favorites at a discounted rate.  Refills come in recyclable, plastic packaging to preserve freshness and scent. A plastic-free option is available, but please note that the scent will be diminished. 

Contains 20 to 22 Hand Drops.

A unique spin on conventional soap and welcome addition to hand washings.  These amazing little Drops give you the softest hands you will ever have!  They can be used in place of or after washing with conventional soap.  They're perfect for grime-y hands as the exfoliating nature of these Hand Drops leave your hands completely grime-free after one wash! They're also moisturizing enough to use on sensitive just-washed-dishes-for-30-minutes hands.  And one Drop is just the right size for one or two washings depending on your use.  (Get the Solid Wood Soap Dish or the Curved Bamboo Soap Dish to hold your extra for the next washing.)

Choose from five fresh, essential oil-infused scents that will delight your senses and soften those hard-working hands. They not only smell amazing, but they also give you all the therapeutic benefits each oil blend has to offer right in the palms of your hands.